It's Tradition

There seems to be no shortage of traditions this time of year, whether it's baking cookies, watching A Christmas Story every time it's on, name it, there's a tradition. 

We've got a few of our own, but one tends to stand out. Every year, sometime between Thanksgiving and mid-December, we bundle up and spend a few hours in our grandparents' back yard, picking oranges. It feels like the official start to the holiday season: all of us coming together, unplugging from the digital world we all live in (something we'll talk about later!), and working to drop oranges on one unsuspecting family member or another. It doesn't take us very long, but when we're done, we've usually got scars from our battle with the massive thorns on the trees, cold fingers, and stomachs that hurt from  laughing. Then we go inside, peel a few oranges, and sit around the table together. 

Isn't it strange how the simplest traditions become the most important? There's nothing fancy about what we do; in fact, it's one of the un-fanciest things in the world. But there's something about the simple things that fill up the heart.

So here's to the simple things, the love that seems to grow stronger than ever during the last months of the year, and family, forever and always. 

We want to hear from you: what are your favorite holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments below!


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