New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions can be daunting, to make and to keep! We start with good intentions and finish a few weeks later with a shrug and a well meaning, "Maybe tomorrow." Then tomorrow turns into next week, then next month, and then it's December 31st again, and we make another list and determine to make good on it. 

We didn't really make any resolutions last year, beyond a somewhat general desire to live more intentionally and to work harder every day at what we love. That carries over into this year as well. However, we want to follow through with that intentional mindset, so we decided we'd share our three New Year's Resolutions with you all. Read on! 

1. Reach 15,000 likes on our Facebook page
2. Travel to a city we've never been to (like New York). 
3. Try a local coffee shop in every city we visit. 

1. Reach 15,000 likes on our Facebook page
2. Practice yoga every day. 
3. Focus on gratitude and positivity in every aspect of my life. 

We want to know: what are your New Year's Resolutions? Tell us in the comments below!