The Getaway Guide: Nashville Edition

Okay, truth time: we love Nashville. Everything about it: the music the food, the scenery, the city. It's the perfect combination of old and new, of legends that changed music forever and legends just waiting to be discovered. Just walking up and down Broadway is enough to keep anyone occupied (trust us on this: our first trip to Nashville, we hardly left downtown!), but the more time we spend there, there more we find that there is so much more to Country Music USA.

For this guide, though, we'll be sticking to a 3 day weekend getaway. We know, we know: it's easy to fall in love with Nashville, and nearly impossible to leave, but if you've only got a few days in town, read on! 

The (Not So) Basic Attractions:

  • The Johnny Cash Museum. Johnny Cash is one of our greatest inspirations. We spent hours wandering through the museum, learning more about the man who has already taught us so much. It's full of photos and letters, costumes of his and June's, and even a piece of Johnny's house! 
  • Centennial Olympic Park/The Parthenon. We visited Centennial Olympic Park and The Parthenon, and it was almost like being in Greece without the international flight. The park itself is beautiful, and The Parthenon is full of art and history from the 1897 Centennial Exposition. 
  • The Ryman. By far one of the most famous spots in Nashville, The Ryman is a must-see, the place where legends walked and crowds experienced what can only be felt when music touches the soul. The best part? You can walk in the footsteps of Elvis Presley, Johnny and June, and Hank Williams.
The Village:

Located near Belmont and Vanderbilt, Hillsboro Village is one of our favorite places in Nashville. It's half artsy, half quaint downtown, and one hundred percent walkable. Provence Breads and Cafe, located in Hillsboro Village, is a French cafe with fresh bread, local produce, and artisan foods. Our suggestion? Grab a few ginger molasses cookies or a fruit tart with a Sherlock Holmes (Ghirardelli caramel, vanilla, and Irish cream), or a baguette and an Americano. C'est chic!

After lunch, head a few doors over to BookMan/BookWoman. There's nothing like the smell of books, and this place is full of them. We spent an entire day there in February, and we go back as often as we can. Whether you buy a stack of books as tall as you are, or just wander the aisles, it's the place to be when the temperatures drop. Just down the street, you'll find shops like Pangaea and Posh Boutique, with a wide variety of jewelry, clothing, and accessories, as well as unique gifts.

The Food:

Guys. It's Nashville. Of course we're going to talk about food. If you don't eat anywhere else, go to The Row. We will tell anyone who will listen about The Row. Between The Row Poppers (deep fried, bacon wrapped, jalapeño pimento cheese) and The Row Burgers (pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, Row sauce, and chow chow), you really won't need to eat anywhere else...

We're kidding, of course. Go to The Row, and go back again (and maybe judgment!), and then try out a Nashville staple: hot chicken. The mild is hardly mild, and the hottest variety is only for the brave of heart, but either way, it's a treat! A few more great restaurants include South Street (Southern urban cuisine), PM (Asian inspired), The Sutler (a saloon with - and we're not kidding - the coolest walk to the bathroom ever), and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream (go for the brown butter almond brittle, or the wildberry lavender!). If you find yourself in Germantown, stop in for lunch at the Germantown Cafe, then grab a few cupcakes at the Cupcake Collection (we recommend the strawberry, lemonade, and carrot cake). 

We want to know: have you been to Nashville? If you have, what are your go-to places to shop, eat, and see the city? If you haven't, what do you just have to see? Let us know in the comment section below!