The Road Goes On Forever

Hello, and happy Monday to you all! 

We're currently up north again, hitting the studio for a few days. We're so excited to make more music, and to share our upcoming news + release with you guys, but while we all wait (which is easier said than done for those of us with limited amount of patience), we thought we'd share the details from our trip to Macon. We had the incredible opportunity to see Mr. Gregg Allman and his amazing band for the second time last Tuesday, and we made a day and a night of it in Macon. Scroll on for a few shots from our trip to The Big House Museum and Rose Hill Cemetery. 

Hanging with the Brothers at The Big House Museum.  

It was such a privilege to meet Mama Louise, the original owner of H&H Soul Food in Macon. She was at The Big House Museum, and we've never seen anyone prouder than she was of "her babies."

 Post-show, hanging out with the incredibly talented musician and singer, Scott Sharrard. 

At the Bond Tomb at Rose Hill Cemetery. 

At Rose Hill Cemetery, in front of the grave of Elizabeth Reed Napier, the inspiration behind the song In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. 

Paying our respects at Duane and Berry's graves. The view of the cemetery is unbelievable from here; everything is quiet and peaceful.

Unfortunately, we have no photographic evidence of what may very well have been the best pizza in Georgia, but if you ever get the chance to head to Macon (and we highly, highly recommend it!), be sure to stop off at Ingleside Village Pizza in between visiting downtown, where so much music history was made, the lovely folks at The Big House Museum who work extremely hard to preserve the legacy of The Allman Brothers, and Rose Hill Cemetery. It makes for a truly unforgettable day. 

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The Road Goes on Forever