Use Your Voice 2016: Patty Griffin, Sarah Watkins, and Anais Mitchell Together On Stage

Before we were even really aware of Patty Griffin, we knew her through the numerous artists who have covered her songs. Top of the World, one of our favorite songs done so beautifully by The Dixie Chicks on their 2002 album, Home, was written by Patty (you can hear her own cut of it here). She's been put on repeat during spells of writer's block in studio, and has become a big part of the eternal playlist of music playing in the background of our lives. 

On Saturday night, we got the chance to see her and two other fantastic talents, Sarah Watkins and Anais Mitchell, in a writers-round style performance, accompanied by guitarist extraordinaire David Pulkingham, in partnership with The League of Women Voters, to  educate and encourage their listeners to use their voices and take part in both national and local elections. Their passion for taking a stand for what they believe in was well as their passion and talent for music! 

The three of them put on an intimate, relaxed show, taking turns performing their music and harmonizing with each others, then laughing about every day life with the rest of us in the theatre. It truly felt as if we'd all been invited into their home and were sitting around in the living room with them while they sung their hearts out. 

We've been so glad to have been able to attend a series of concerts over the past few months, to see a variety of acts such as Ed Sheeran, The Woods Brothers, The Avett Brothers, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Gregg Allman, and each of them has been a different experience entirely. This show was no exception, and we count ourselves as incredibly lucky students (because that's what we are!) who get to learn our craft from those we respect and admire so very much.

We want to hear from you: What's your dream concert? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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