A Garden of Our Own

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." - Audrey Hepburn

Urban farming is very much in these days, with San Antonio the latest city to approve a city-wide return to the traditional "garden to table" lifestyle. We absolutely love the idea, especially as we've grown more and more aware of what actually goes into the food we eat and how it affects our bodies (for more information on why we went organic, check out this article from Prevention). 

Our family life revolves very heavily around sharing meals together. We're all foodies who love to cook and love to eat, and knowing exactly what we're feeding the ones we care for the most is important to all of us. Sure, we want whatever we're making to taste good, but more than anything, we want it to make us feel good...and not in the "feel good" sense of binging on ice cream and cookies (hey, no judgment. We do it, too!). Plus, there's nothing like the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables! 

The awesome thing is that you don't need ten acres and years of expertise to have your very own garden. With the rise of urban gardening and small farms, there are more resources than ever before. Read on and inspire your inner gardener!

The Potager

A potager is the ultimate dream. The word comes from the French term for "kitchen garden," and is intended to make the "function of providing food aesthetically joyful." We already find joy in food. Finding joy in the growing and gathering of it is even better! A  well-designed potager is intended to provide not only food, but fresh flowers and herbs, with little maintenance, and it doesn't take much more than scrolling through a few photos to find them aesthetically joyful!

Patio or Container Gardens

Over the weekend, we came across an article about a man in Mississippi who grows crops in over 1,000 five-gallon buckets on his property. Whether it's in buckets, baskets, barrels, or raised beds, the amount of food you can grow on your patio is unbelievable, and there's no need for any heavy equipment. 

Vertical Gardening

We were given an awesome book about vertical gardening, packed full of information on growing up rather than out. By using trellises and combing climbing plants with ground level plants for maximum harvest, you're able to use a small area most efficiently. Plus, who wouldn't want to walk under an arch of squash and pumpkins?

We've made it a goal this year to have our own patio garden, and we will share our progress as the season goes on! Until then, we can all dream of perfectly planned potagers and meals made of vegetables harvested from our own backyards. 


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