Coffee with a Conscience: Dean's Beans

There are a few things we take very seriously in our lives, like family, music, food...and, of course, coffee! So you can only imagine how thrilled we were when we came across Dean's Beans, a company who takes coffee - and the people who grow it - as seriously as we do. 

Dean's Beans was founded over twenty years ago, and has operated with one mission: to use high quality speciality coffee as a vehicle for progressive change throughout the coffee lands of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. They are dedicated to activism, ecological responsibility, and innovative direct development with their partners. The respect they have for the quality of life of their partners in the coffee world is shown in awesome taste of their coffee.

Coffee always makes us feel good, but it's even better now to know that we're drinking coffee that not only tastes good, but is the product of a company dedicated to doing good for others. Call us dreamers, but we'd like to believe that's how the world should work, and apparently we're not the only ones! So if you're looking for a reason to feel even better about that morning cup of coffee, check out Dean's Beans. We were hooked before we took our first sip.

Lots of love,

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