Sister Sirens of Swamp Rock BEAU + LUCI were born from the same black water that ran through the veins of legends like The Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, and The Rolling Stones, their harmonic incantations and soulful lyricism intertwining with a gutsy, roots-bound groove to dream up a sirens’ song that intoxicates the senses. 


Inherently spiritual in their upbringing but undeniably influenced by the intense swagger of rock and roll, BEAU + LUCI embody a contradiction, toeing the line between rock, blues, soul, and Americana with their own twist of smoky mysticism. In the stomp-and-clap anthem, “Rattle the Bones,” chilling harmonies rise above a guitar rift that’s almost disrespectful in tone, while the slick, dirty groove of “Black Boots” slinks off in a leather jacket to a smoke-filled backroom. “Muddy Water” is hymn-like in its reverence toward the legends who came in decades past, leaving only their music and a weighty responsibility to carry on the shrouded legacy of the blues, which “50 Feet” launches to brazen new levels, combining a Motown beat with a hair-raising, electrifying growl of a hook.


“We’ve battled against being put in a box since we started the band,” says Beau. “Now we finally feel like we’ve broken through and are saying what we’ve wanted to say for years. And people are listening.”