BEAU + LUCI, Sister Sirens of Swamp Rock, cast their primordial spell with BEAU + LUCI LIVE From Aggie Theatre (ft. The Howling Tongues) in Fort Collins, Colorado! With an exclusive front row seat, ride along on this personal musical journey steeped in blackwater incantations and deep-rooted in spirituals resonating from the mystery and folklore of the Okefenokee Swamplands, "the land of the trembling earth." Roll across the breadbasket of America with BEAU + LUCI, mesmerized by their haunting harmonies and bluesy melodies that wrap your soul in a blanket of foggy mysticism rising up through the spellbinding shadows high into the Colorado mountains.

Feel the smoky essence found in the sisters' signature lyrics reminiscent of secrets whispered in a forgotten speakeasy of decades past, with an artistic nod to the articulate inspirations of artists Alex Turner, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, and Emmylou Harris. The music has a bluesy shadowing with an intimate and inherently spiritual soul, while the rock experience is phenomenal, a power-packed delivery inspired by legendary influencers of stadium-sized anthems like The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Jack White, and The Rolling Stones.

BEAU + LUCI, Sister Sirens of Swamp Rock, capture the essence of their innate storytelling craft through this LIVE NoiseTrade exclusive offering, Rattle the Bones, Muddy Water, Black Boots, and Like A Drum, existentially calling to audiences of all ages and walks of life with their handcrafted musical enchantments.

Live from Aggie Theatre presents Beau + Luci’s talents in the best possible light and, despite its relatively brief duration, packs all the weight and gravitas you’d expect from a full length offering of any type. The six song collection blends folk, blues, rock, and deep soul as a unique mix on the modern music scene and the visceral power of this release suggests Beau + Luci’s artistic vision for their music is fully realized and, tantalizingly, hasn’t peaked yet.
— NeuFutur Magazine
Beau + Luci’s Live from Aggie Theatre is a formidable live release in an era when albums are considered increasingly archaic and live releases are, essentially, unheard of. Their take on blues rock and electrified folk never sounds like self-conscious tribute; instead, Beau + Luci are quite of our time and connect with listeners from the first.
— No Depression
Shallow observers might cop a glance at their promotional materials and expect them to be angelic voiced, arch sensitive folkies writing acoustic songs about thwarted love or pastoral nods to folk music tradition, but such observations veer wildly off their mark. Instead, Beau + Luci’s performance with band The Howling Tongues turns Live at Aggie Theatre into a glorious example of a relatively rare phenomenon – a singing duo with a talent for seamless harmonies playing their talents off against often bruising blues rock accompaniment.
— The Indie Source
“What’s great about this album is that rather than make you feel as if you’ve already now caught a live show from the band, it makes you desperate to actually get in there and witness it all in real time – the atmosphere, the crowd, the energy. The contrast between the full, thick audio moments and those that are distinctly spacious creates a classic, even vintage blues-rock feel that captures your affection one last time before things come to a huge finish. The pace is up, the emotion is genuine, the guitar work is superb – stylish and skillful. A great way to go out and a comforting moment of realization that this project as an EP is incredibly easy – necessary even – to revisit again and again.”
— Stereo Stickman
Not only are these two sisters in possession of two of the most bewitching voices in recent memory, the rich legacy of American music courses through every note they sing. Their new EP Live From Aggie Theatre is a stirring six-song set that’s drenched in swampland voodoo, deep mountain folklore, traditional country, jazz and the blues.

In other words, they know it all and they can sing it all.

And that’s exactly what they do.
— Stereo Embers Magazine
With BEAU + LUCI LIVE From Aggie Theatre (ft. The Howling Tongues) you get some intimate, soulful sounds live from Fort Collins, Colorado! Get nice and comfortable on this personal musical journey, steeped in blackwater incantations and deep-rooted in spirituals resonating from the mystery and folklore of the Okefenokee Swamp.
— Left Bank Mag
From Lord Huron to Johnny Cash, artists new and old alike have dipped their toes into the venerable, earthen power of swamp stomp music throughout the years. Few, however, breath this grungy, harrowing spin on the popular folk-rock as profoundly—or as well as—BEAU + LUCI.

What listeners are privy to with the Live From: Aggie Theatre EP are six tracks from a killer Fort Collins night. The band kicks in with a stellar rock’n’roll attitude from the get-go with the crunching opening riffs of ‘Rattle the Bones’, and they never lose their sense of captivating style from there. With an album as delectable as this, it’s only a shame that there wasn’t more to it—a band this darn good is more than deserving of a full-length live album.
— For Folk's Sake


March 3, 2017 - Fire Dancer EP (written with and produced by Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, Aaron Shust) 

May 14, 2018 - BEAU + LUCI LIVE FROM: Aggie Theatre ft. The Howling Tongues

Notable Achievements:  

  • Writing collaborations with producers Dan Hannon (Dove Award winning producer; Aaron Shust, Manchester Orchestra) and Skidd Mills (Grammy Award winning producer), and singer-songwriters John Eddie, Mike Gleason, Jon Nicholson, Shannon Lawson, Billy Dawson, and Jared Blake.

  • Partnered with NASCAR XFINITY Team #51 driver Jeremy Clements during Daytona 500 2015.

  • 2017 EP "Fire Dancer" released to stellar reviews, recorded with world renown musicians including Scott Sharrard (The Gregg Allman Band, Scott Sharrard and the Brickyard Band), Peter Levin (The Gregg Allman Band, The Blind Boys of Alabama), and Rami Jaffe (The Wallflowers, Foo Fighters).

  • Played the Macon Corner Concert Series, Vidalia Onion Festival (2016, 2017), Eddie’s Attic, (Decatur, GA) The Foundry (Athens, GA), Caledonia Lounge (Athens, GA), Vinyl (Atlanta, GA), The Evening Muse (Charlotte, NC), Aggie Theater (Fort Collins, CO), Hard Rock Café (Memphis, TN).

National/International Artists:

Blackberry Smoke, Big & Rich, A Thousand Horses, Muddy Magnolias, The Howling Tongues, Kick the Robot, Leopold & His Fiction, Dead Horses, Viniloversus, The Tin Man, Drive By Truckers, Deaf Poets, The War and Treaty



Booking/General Inquiries:

Allison Turner - Artist Communication Liaison // 912.288.4048